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I always joke that I probably couldn’t survive without Shaheeda. She is the heartbeat of our business. She is so much more to me than an employee. She is beyond talented and creative.

Shaheeda has been with me for 20 years.  She was this quiet little girl when she started working for us. From our small humble beginnings designing and making jewellery in my moms spare bedroom to where we are today.

She is literally my right hand girl. We work together on every new design. She gets as excited as I do when we design something and it turns out beautifully.


Nox is amazing. She has come so far in the six years that she has worked for us.  She has an infectious personality and dance moves to match. It takes a certain type of skill set to make ST jewellery and she definitely has the IT factor. Originally from the Eastern Cape she now livies in Nomzamo. We were her first employers.  She amazes me every day!



Nees doesn’t stop. It always feels like she is on a mission. She is beautiful and as such gets away with murder! I can’t count the amount of times she has sweet talked the courier guy into waiting for a parcel.

Nees has worked for us for ten years and handles all the logistics. When she’s not doing that she gets roped into making jewellery and working in our Stellenbosch shop.



Will is my husband and what an amazing husband he is! Will runs the financial side of our business. Somebody has to! Besides that he is my sounding board for everything. He reigns me in and keeps me grounded. The business would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for him.